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Better Than Cap-and-Trade:
Revenue-Neutral Carbon Taxes, Cap-and-Restructure, Etc.

Cap-and-trade is not the best solution for global warming, GHG and carbon emission reduction, and the environment.

Below is a list of web articles and external resources* which should provide readers with a better understanding of the benefits of alternative strategies as well as of the problems associated with many aspects of cap-and-trade.

A View of the New Green Society and Sustainable Economy

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The Benefits of Carbon Taxation and Other Alternatives Over Cap-and-Trade.

Structural Solutions vs. Cap-and-Trade
This is our own analysis. It provides a comparison between cap-and-trade and a structural environmental strategy.
Source: Waves of the Future.

Better Than Cap-and-Trade
A simple and quick look at revenue-neutral carbon taxes.
Source: Detroit Free Press (Freep.com), Jack McHugh.

Ottawa Think-Tank Calls B.C.'s Carbon Tax Canada's "Most Effective"
Source: Canadian article examining British Columbia's carbon emission policies.
Desmogblog.com. James Glave.

Book Excerpts

Hitting the Jackpot
The idea of environmental taxes is not new. In 1989, David Pearce produced for the Department of the Environment in Britain a document which recommended a comprehensive green taxation program in the UK (Dryzek, 2005, p. 130-132). The U.S., Canada, and many European countries have already implemented some form of environmental levies, albeit very minimally. The global warming debate has also led to talks of carbon taxes in several countries.

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