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A Speed Comparison of Some of the Best and Fastest Lightweight Linux Operating Systems
(Ubuntu-based Distributions)*

A comparison of the idle RAM usage / speed of some lightweight Linux distributions. RAM usage provides an indication of how fast a computer operating system is. The lower the minimum RAM usage, the faster a computer often is.

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Testing was done by booting from a Live USB on a 1 GB RAM computer. Idle RAM Usage was determined using the 'free -m' terminal command. Quelitu Jazz usage is adjusted for accuracy. Once installed, RAM Usage is somewhat lower.

For a lower RAM usage, Quelitu offers a lot more than other Linux operating systems.
See Release Notes/Download and Videos & Tutorials for details.
Enlightenment E17 is lighter than Lxde.

Idle RAM Usage of Various Linux OS in VirtualBox (Less Is Better)

Based On
RAM Usage

E17/Lubuntu 16.04.1
103 MB

Lubuntu 16.04.1
125 MB

Lubuntu 16.04
Ubuntu 16.04.1
154 MB

Linux Mint XFCE 18
Ubuntu 16.04.1
185 MB

Xubuntu 16.04
Ubuntu 16.04.1
225 MB

Linux Lite 3.2
Ubuntu 16.04
240 MB
** Figures assume a default setup. Disabling the Wi-Fi/Network and Battery system tray icons (using Qx Customizer) lowers RAM Usage by another 10 to 15 MB.

* Quelitu software and information (including external links) are provided WITHOUT ABSOLUTELY ANY WARRANTY or LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, including implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, and damages relating to existing operating systems and loss of data. See the GNU General Public License for details.
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