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Quelitu--A Windows 10 Alternative Based on Lightweight Linux Ubuntu/Lubuntu

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Bugs & Solutions, Issues, Troubleshooting

Report Bugs Specific to Quelitu & Qx Apps to us directly. Otherwise, report them to their respective operating systems.

Bugs & Solutions -- 20.04 (updated regularly)

Tip: If an app does not display or work properly, try changing the theme to Lubuntu (Menu>Preferences>Customize Look & Feel>Select Lubuntu-Default)

1) Windows Too Big for Screen or Titlebar Above Top of Screen
Status: Depends on individual applications. Workaround available.

Problem: Some windows open too big for some screens.
Workaround: Press the Alt key and drag window up or down with mouse; then resize windows by dragging corners.

2) Printers
If your printer does not work after a version upgrade, try reinstalling it.

3) Window, Icons, Desktop Toolbar Background Not Displaying Properly
This is probably a graphic card problem which can occur on older computers.
Status: Needs to be fixed manually.

Solution: Try changing themes.


1) Software Installation or Regular Updates Failure:
Packages may temporarily be unavailable. Try again within a week or uncheck the packages listed in the Error window and install the rest of the updates.

- The Ubuntu software repositories may be offline: Try again the next day.

- Make sure your Internet connection is working.

- Only one of software centers, Software Updater, Clean, Autoclean can run at the same time. I.e. you cannot install software with the Lubuntu Software Center if the Software Updater is open.

To help diagnose the problem, you can also try typing in the terminal:
  sudo apt-get update

2) Copying Errors / Permission Denied / Cannot Open File to Write:
- Usually a system file needing administrator access: In terminal: Use sudo before command: sudo featherpad... or open the file manager with root access:
sudo pcmanfm (for RPI)
sudo pcmanfm-qt (for Lubuntu)

- Copy Errors: If drag & drop fails, try deleting first and then Right-Click>Copy & Right-Click>Paste.

- Error Splicing (Copying to USB): Device might be full. Empty the Trash Bin. If this fails, delete manually .Trash-1000 (CTRL-h to display the hidden folder) on your USB device after having deactivated the Trash Bin option in file manager:
Top Menu>Edit>Preferences> Deactivate 3rd Option

Note: To check space available on disks or devices, use Qx Maintenance Center>System Information...

3) Cannot Log In:
- Make sure your username and password are correct and properly capitalized.

- Your harddrive might be full. Boot with your Lubuntu/Raspberry Pi OS installation CD and delete files.

4) Unable to Boot / Cannot Boot / Grub Rescue Error:
If Grub Rescue error:
    Boot with your Lubuntu/Raspberry Pi OS installation CD.
    Download & install Quelitu.
    Reinstall Grub (Qx Maintenance Center>Boot)

If Out of Range error or Cannot Boot (e.g. after upgrade or monitor change):
  Option 1 (Try first): Try booting with fixed resolution.
    In a terminal type:
    sudo leafpad /etc/default/grub (Remove the # in #GRUB_GFXMODE...)
    Then, update GRUB by typing:
    sudo update-grub

  Option 2: Try booting with nomodeset. At the Boot Menu (Ubuntu...):
    Type e (to edit)
    Add nomodeset right after quiet splash

    If your computer starts correctly, you need to make this change permanent.
    In a terminal type:
    sudo leafpad /etc/default/grub (add nomodeset after quiet splash)
    Then, update GRUB by typing:
    sudo update-grub

WARNING: Using nomodeset could cause problems with games. See below.
* Quelitu software and information (including external links) are provided WITHOUT ABSOLUTELY ANY WARRANTY or LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, including implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, and damages relating to existing operating systems and loss of data. See the GNU General Public License for details.
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