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Economics of Doom,
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Population Collapse and Full Employment

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An Economic Strategy for Population Decrease,
Full Employment, and the Environment.

The current economic system is destroying the planet and quickly depleting its resources. Various governments advocate population growth to support babyboomers' retirement, ignoring the fact that this will significantly worsen today's environmental and depletion problems.

Worse, population growth as a solution for the retirement issue does not add up. It will lead to impoverishment. A pizza shared among 8 people instead of 5, means a smaller piece each. Individually, we will be poorer. We need the exact opposite: to be individually richer to be able to support a larger than usual retirement population.

In fact, a population decrease will progressively eliminate unemployment, which is a very good thing. As AI, robotics, and automation continue to replace workers in the future, a population decrease will reduce the number of those and keep things in balance, i.e. prevent an increase in unemployment and poverty. We just need the correct economics to support full or near-full employment environments.

The solutions actually exist. Some are in The Depletion Wall (ch. 7-13). Others are in this upcoming book.

Current economic theory considers full employment to be a total impossibility. However, this is only true if one views the issue from a narrow angle, thinks inside the box. It used to be that when there was not enough food on the table, one had to work more. Modern economic theory produces the exact opposite: when a recession hits, people are laid off, that is, they work less! How do we solve that equation?

Worse, the only way for people to earn income is to produce massive amounts of material goods, which pollutes, depletes resources, and creates an equally massive amount of waste. Everything that is produced eventually ends up as garbage.

Modern economies have got the whole pie upside down.

This book looks at current destructive economics and proposes an alternative strategy, on that would make full employment feasible and that would solve both the retirement and population collapse issues as well as the world's biggest problem: poverty.

Furthermore, the approach would make it possible for developed countries to keep their industries from being decimated by low-wage competition from China and upcoming India.

Mark C. Henderson.   ISBN: ©

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