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The Dawn of the Magian Age

(L'Ere des Mages)

Magian Age Spirituality

This is the story of the eternal conflict between
the Gods of Old and the Magis, and of those who betrayed humanity.

A forty-year search for the truth leads back 4,000 years to when faith was gender equal! The journey was long, and up until early 2017 showed little sign of success.

Then on February 04, 2017, the pieces began falling into place...
of probably the biggest story in the history of humanity!

This delves right into the very core of moral values of religions like Christianity and spiritual concepts of Eastern mysticism in order to identify for those genuinely interested in a true path the various stepping stones of a journey that really leads to the Divine--whether in the form of a God, a universal consciousness, or whatever else.

If you are interested in spiritual growth, personal empowerment, love, and happiness, this work is for you. If you look for a knowledge of and an inner connection to the Divine, you are also in the right place. All are found on the path of truth.

Topics also include the invisible reality, reincarnation, kundalini, chakras, reiki, the astral, etc.

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