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Hybrid, Electrical, and Hydrogen Cars and Vehicles
The Automobile Industry and the Upcoming SPV

Hybrid vehicles are only a short term solution for the environment.

Given the impending shortage of many base metals, the transportation of the future will have to be based on highly conservational (using less materials) and environment-friendly vehicles, that is, towards Single-Passenger electrical Vehicles (SPVs).

This will result a dramatic reduction of fossil fuel use and carbon emissions, much healthier cities, as well as the conservation of metals. The Green Economic Environment could make this happen as quickly as we want.

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The Green Economic Environment (GEE) strategy proposed by Henderson would lead to higher prices for metals and energy. Because it is a revenue-neutral system, these would be compensated for by lower income and retail taxes.

The resulting incentive structure would promote a reduction in the size of cars to decrease both their raw-materials content and fuel consumption. Cars would get much smaller and narrower, which would increase energy efficiency, save resources, and reduce traffic congestion.

SPVs would be powered by either hydrogen cells or batteries (and convertible from one to the other) as electricity would become more competitive than fossil fuels under the GEE.

The higher demand for this clean energy would be met by increased commercial production and, via smart-grid technology, by millions of micro-producers (you and I) feeding power directly through into the existing electrical power grid.

A View of the New Green Society and Sustainable Economy

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