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Climate Change, Non-Renewable Resources, Energy, Contaminants, Carbon Pricing...

Waves of the Future Series

The 21st Century Environmental Revolution (2nd Ed.): A Structural Strategy for Global Warming, Resource Conservation, Toxic Contaminants, and the Environment / The Fourth Wave //

Mark C. Henderson.   ISBN: 978-0-9809989-1-7 ©2010 -- $4.95

The Depletion Wall: Non-Renewable Resources, Population Growth, and the Economics of Poverty

Mark C. Henderson.   ISBN: 978-0-9809989-2-4 ©2012 -- $4.95

Book III -- Upcoming

Economics of Doom / Full Employment (temporary title)

Format: 6" X 9" Trade Paperback
Pages: 200
Release Date: As per funding availability
Publisher: Waves of the Future

What if someone has figured out how to unlock the economic system, enabling countries around the world to reach full employment? This book looks at current destructive economomics and proposes a strategy for full employment, i.e. for solving the world's biggest problem: poverty.

Publication Date:

Book IV -- Ongoing

A 40-Year Search for God & the Truth With a Surprising Ending: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Catharism
An account of a life-long search for the ultimate, with answers.

Publication Date: 2023
Free: Live on website (Magian Age, etc.)

Book V -- Upcoming

Book V: Justice, the Injustice System: The Biggest Failure of the Western World
A wholesale condemnation of developed countries' justice systems, which are based on the expendability of innoncents and which do far more to enshrine injustice into laws than render actual justice.

Publication Date: 2028

Details will be provided as we get closer to the release date.
More information: National Wildlife Federation Alliance to Save Energy